Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB


LIPPERT STACHOW is a partnership of patent attorneys and trademark attorneys. As such, we operate exclusively in the area of intellectual property.  Building on a history stretching back over 150 years, our objective today is to combine tradition with progressive thinking and broad capabilities.

Since all intellectual accomplishments are generally vulnerable to imitation, innovations can only lead to competitive advantage if the originator is able to exercise a de facto or legal monopoly over them, thus strategically restricting competitors' activities. Acting strategically and with foresight, while keeping a close eye on other players, is a philosophy that derives from the ancient Asian strategy game of Gomoku and one that symbolizes our guiding principle. Adopting the motto »Strategies for Innovation«, we are committed to providing the maximum protection and defence for our clients' creativity. By ensuring the necessary level of vigilance and prudence in the process, we also assist you in finding - from every possible perspective - the opportunities   and benefits that are open both to you and competitors. We also help you to find   solutions that safeguard, at all times, the balance between the appropriate assertion of   interests and  profit goals. We believe that our approach and methods offer the best   possible protection for all  intangible property rights.

Our clients primarily include technically innovative, domestic and foreign companies in all fields. In industrial property law, we act for major corporations, as well as medium and small businesses, with the objective of turning their creativity into economically successful strategies. We also advice individuals in protecting their intellectual property rights.

Our services include advising in German, European and International Patent and Trademark Law (patents, utility models, including  employees invention law, trademarks, designs, copyrights, competition law and media law as well as plant varietyp Protection   and semiconductor protection),  representing in proceedings before regulatory offices, authorities, infringement courts and courts of arbitration. the realising, maintaining and defending property rights of all kinds, converting of these rights into economically successful measures for their commercial exploitation (e.g. formulation and elaboration of licence agreements, etc.), developping of strategies for property rights, and finally we create research and expert opinions.

The following pages will give you a feel for how we go about our work and provide an insight into the highly specialized area of intellectual property law. Get to know the personalities within our teams at the various office locations. Keep abreast of the latest developments in our fields of practice by reading our numerous professional publications. Being a constantly expanding company, we regularly offer a range of challenging career options. Finally, our Service area gives you access to a wide range of additional information and downloads.