Our partnership's fields of activity are focussed on the area of intellectual property. The term includes all legal regulations providing protection of intellectual creativity in the fields of commerce and the arts. The key area in the commercial sector relates to the standardization of the patent and trademark law as well of the utility model law also referred to as design law. Additional legal protection systems exist for electronic semi-conductor products and for the cultivation of plants (plant variety protection). Copyright is the classic defence right long established in the artistic domain, although it has long since played an important role in the innovative technology sectors. In addition, patent attorneys often need to consult the provisions of competition law.

Intangible property rights are subject to a continuous process of alterations and amendments that is virtually unique in the field of law and is largely the result of efforts by the EU to achieve greater harmonization in this legislative area. Moreover, there is an extensive network of partially interrelated protection systems based on international law. In this context, we feel that our primary responsibility is to use our professional knowledge of the structure of these international and supranational legal sources to provide our clients with effective advice.


  • Mechanical engineering, precision mechanics
  • Electrical engineering, electronics
  • Micromechanics, semiconductor manufacturing
  • Information and communications technology
  • Chemistry, biochemistry
  • Plastics engineering
  • Mining, metallurgy
  • Processing of raw materials and secondary raw materials
  • Physics
  • Control, automation and measurement technology
  • Chemical engineering, environmental engineering
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Medical engineering
  • Vacuum technology
  • Life-science
  • Pharmacy