In contrast to other commercial protection rights, the copyright has its origins in the fields of music and art. However, due to the rapid pace of scientific progress, there is also a growing need for close links to research and findings of the technical sciences. Modern copyright therefore not only covers an interdisciplinary area between law and art, but also acts as a link between law and technology. As a firm whose primary focus is on technical matters, one of our major fields of work is the copyright protection of software.

In previous centuries, the disclosure of intellectual property was restricted to either oral transmission or handwriting and printing. However, the invention of photography, sound recordings, radio and television, laser and satellite technology as well as microelectronics in today's modern world has opened up new ways of transmitting and making use of intellectual work on a previously unimaginable scale.

As was the case in the area of special commercial protection rights, there were also early attempts to establish suitable protection regulations at international level in the field of copyright.

Copyright protection for a work in Germany is considered to exist when it is created and no special registration procedure is required. The "(C) Copyright" annotation, which originates from the Anglo-Saxon law system, generally functions as a reference only. In order to provide evidence in possible cases of litigation, it is wise to deposit one example of the work in question with a patent attorney, which will clearly prove the time of its development or creation. It is possible to protect pieces of writing, computer programs, musical compositions and works of art, photography, films as well as scientific and technical presentations.

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